Friday, April 3, 2009

Snow Grows on Trees

A series of cherry blossoms that my Dad captured last month in the San Joaquin Valley:


Anonymous said...

Very very beautiful pictures, Molly. I rarely see white cherry blossoms here. Mostly pink ones. (as you can recall in QE parks etc..)


Molly said...

I was just thinking of QE park and what an enjoyable time I had there with you. A couple of weeks ago I found the CD that has my old pics from Canada. . .well, I should rephrase that. It is my CD, but all the pretty flower pictures on it were taken by you! Anyway, that was what was on my mind when I posted these more recent shots--I really was thinking of Queen Elizabeth (the park, I mean) and Como Lake and how wonderful they were in the Spring. I hope sometime you can come down here and see how the orchards look in bloom (where Dad got these pics). They're maybe a bit more commercial than the parks, with the trees all lined up in long rows, but. . .wow! What a lot of cherry blossoms!