Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Coming of the Roads

Road pictures can be rather intriguing, perhaps mostly because of all the things that aren't in the pictures, all the places any road might lead to. Still, Kern County has its fair share of nice settings along the way. Below is a recent picture of Bena Road, over between Highway 58 and the Arvin turn-off. The blue piney bit on the left is Bear Mountain. This one is Cummings Valley Road, again with a mountain, Tehachapi Peak.
Like the picture above, this one is almost a year old, and a vaguely similar picture already did find its way onto the blog. This is just north of Tehachapi. I believe the yellow flowers are buttercups (never did settle that last year). When I picked these three pictures, I didn't pay much attention to the mountains. What is odder, they happen also to be the only three local mountains I know by name. So last, but not least, that's Black Mountain off in the distance.


Elizabeth in Alaska said...

I love these!

Molly said...

That field in the picture at the bottom was especially phenomenal last year--an amazing lot of color in a (as you well know) usually brown place.