Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nicely Done

Taste in music is a very subjective matter. I know that. My opinion as to whose medley was best at last year's Worlds is, if possible, an even more subjective matter. But I do think Boghall and Bathgate's medley was very, very good. It's easily in my (yes, very subjective) top 3 from last year's competition. I remember at the time I first heard it being particularly taken with the lovely transition from the slow air to the strathspey, though I had forgotten since that the strathspey itself was "Seonaidh's Tune," one I'm particularly fond of. No, not for any reason at all. I told you. It's subjective. But that is unequivocally very, very good piping.


Mahri said...

I am really enjoying the music series you are posting - especially 'Christmas at Sea' and the piping medley. (I had no idea BBC left up any video of the WPBC!) It is a lot of fun to hear so many new tunes, in so many different styles.

Molly said...
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Molly said...

I'm ever so glad you're enjoying it. I hope I can keep up with some semblance of variety; there are a lot of fiddlers on that list still :-)