Thursday, August 23, 2012

'Nuff Said

". . .I notice that one day is bright blue, another brown and foggy, another cold, clear and silvery, and my mood varies accordingly. On the bright blue day my spirits go slightly down; there seems something pitiless about perfect weather. On the clear cool day, my spirits are normal. In the fog, my spirits go up; it feels like the end of the world, or better still, a detective story." 
-G.K. Chesterton
"Old Forms and Ceremonies," The Illustrated London News, September 26, 1908


Mahri said...

Considering that it is now practically October, and we still seem to be getting pitiless perfect weather, I feel obliged to second Chesterton. I do not care whether it is brown and foogy, or clear and silvery, but I am eagerly awaiting the return of Proper Weather.

Molly said...

My vote is for something wet, but I would most certainly be glad to settle for something clear and silvery. They keep this town unco' hot.