Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Fiddle

And, speaking of fiddles and instructional videos, here's a link that ended up in a recent FootStompin' newsletter. It's just plain clever. The full demo of the tune starts at 0:50.


babbler said...

Greetings to you! I stumbled upon, er, literally tripped over the strings of the fiddle to find your blog, I was impressed with the fiddle-de-videos and must admit to you that I am a musician who has never actually taken the time to watch an instructional video involving the stately and exciting fiddle. I, dear sir, play percussion instruments, mainly the vibraphone and drums. I enjoy you tube for teaching myself big band tunes by ear that I am having trouble reading at rehearsal. Your blog reminds me to get out there and live, perhaps I shall pick up a fiddle at a music store because of you! Thanks for the exceptionally fun blog, I will come back again!
Sincerely, Mrs. Slug

Molly said...

Glad you found something to entertain, Mrs. Slug. It's a kick (and a high hat?) to hear from someone who knows big band music from the inside. That is a wonderful realm where fiddles, evidently, fear to tread. All the same, I hope you do find time to give the fiddle a whirl one of these days: the odds are pretty high that you would enjoy it immensely! Thanks very much for your note.