Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Sticky Business

I am, despite the apparent contradiction implied by the appearance of a post, internetless at the moment. Which means I was at the library yesterday, waiting for my turn on the computer, which meant I took the opportunity to check out a great armload of books, which I shall probably never read, which means I did sit down and look at the one with all the pictures in it, which means (at last) that I can bring you this fact, which I found quite startling: there is a cactus peculiar to--Bakersfield. It is, with the characteristic direct address of Kern County, called the Bakersfield cactus, or, more obscurely, Opuntia treleasii. And this is what it looks like. So now you know--don't ever ask me again.


Maria said...

And to think that I spent a year of my life in that vicinity, and never once espied the opuntia basilaris, or any cactus at all that I can remember... It looks like a plain old cactus to me, succulent identification has never been my strong point.

Molly said...

Just between you and me, it looks like a plain old cactus to me, too.