Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vachel Lindsay (Part 2)

Well, the sudden dearth of posts was caused, I would like to think, solely by my computer being in the shop. (The most recent poetry clip was something I slipped in on a library computer since I happened to be in the right place at the right time.) The good thing about not having my computer handy is, of course, I read immeasurably more from real books. Indeed, while I was at the library havering on about Vachel Lindsay (and mispelling his name in that post too, I see) I was so efficient as to check out a whole book of his poems to see what else he might have come up with. On the whole, he didn't turn out to be much my type, rather Victorian in style, Victorian, in this case being everything from minute, delicate sprites dancing aimlessly, but rhyming prettily, in the moonlight, to flights in mysticism which seemed at times to verge on the once-fashionable occult.

But there was one other poem out of the collection which thoroughly delighted me, so here it is:


Ruthie said...

How funny! I have google alerts set up to pick up "havering libraries" and it picked up your post! "Havering" - does that mean "waffling"? - I say no more on that one I think!

Molly said...

Wow, what are the odds!? I got quite a kick out of your note, especially after I saw how you'd used the word yourself! Just out of curiosity, is "havering," in pretty common usage in your neck of the woods? Least you be lead to think it is what we're all saying in California these days, the word was something out of a movie or a dictionary, or both, that seemed to fit so well that it has grown to be indispensable vocabulary among some of my friends. Unfortunately, I can't use it with just anybody around here: that would just be havering.