Monday, April 12, 2010

Kind of Monochrome

I did a bit of "Sunday driving" yesterday in the foothills out southeast of Sacramento. It was a rather damp day. There were a fair amount of wildflowers out (you can see a splash in front of the rock in the foreground below) but the main impression was of green, a very bright, new green like the young leaves on the oak trees.

The air was so fresh, it practically tasted of growing things. My head always hurts just a little when I try to juxtapose the sun-blistered June version of the hills and the current pictures; smelling the damp, and feeling the saturated spears of grass underfoot, you'd be far from guessing that in a couple of months, the colour of choice will be an overwhelming brown, all the sharp points of the landscape swimming in a sea of heat waves, rather than softened by rain.


John said...

You're back! One was starting to worry. (And, no, it is not acceptable to point out how often I drop the blogging ball without a word to anyone.)

Delighted to have you back.



Molly said...

Why, thanks, John! Yes, it was one of those "I'll post tomorrow, when I think of something" weeks that went on for nearly a month. . .
Very sorry to hear about your foot, by the way. I hope you will be back to pas de basquing, and all such fine things with all possible haste and dispatch.