Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shot at Sundown

Yesterday afternoon I took a drive across the river to Folsom. Down along Sutter Street they have "historic Folsom" which is an eclectic conglomeration of businesses in some inarguably sightly old buildings. That street there below, people do indeed drive on it, but it was a wonderfully quiet afternoon, and despite the traffic pouring over the bridge a few hundred yards away, it was a peaceful place for a stroll. There is a small museum in Old Folsom, which I had hoped to peruse (the Pony Express had a terminal in the town, back in the day) but I dallied too long in the antique shops and it closed on me. I'm not a great antique shopper, by a long shot, but I could browse through those places for hours. They have many of the charms of a museum, though with some of the "do not touch" factor removed. The old books, of course, usually make the biggest impression, but I have a fascination with old saddles and tack. And glass of all descriptions, oh, yes, the glass. Which is not to say I have any great wish myself to own more glass, but I do find it fair to look upon, especially if the sun happens to be behind it.

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