Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'Cause I Eats Me Spinach

Feeling rather recklessly extravagant on my way home from work the other night, I stopped and picked up a take-out dinner at an Indian restaurant. Indian food is something in which I cannot claim much expertise because of a misfortune that befell me when I was at university. I had a friend there who took me out to introduce me to Indian cuisine, and she suggested I try something called Saag Gosht, which is lamb cooked in spinach sauce. I say this is unfortunate because it was so delicious that I have never been able to persuade myself to order anything else when Saag Gosht is one of the choices on the menu, limiting myself as a rather one-dimensional (but appreciative) connoisseur of Indian food.

Anyway, I have tried making it myself in the past, but one thing I very much like about ordering it out is that they usually run the spinach and onions through a food processor at some point in the operation, resulting in a very smooth, well-blended sauce. Most of the recipes that I have Googled do not enlighten one on that process. I remember the one time I tried it, the spinach kept compacting in the bottom of the food processor, and very little of it ended up smaller than "chopped" anyway. Here is a recipe (sans the food processor) in case anyone else wants to give Saag Gosht a try. It would be just as nice a setting for beef as it is for lamb.


C & G Enterprises said...

Saag Tofu is my favourite Indian dish in Santa Barbara! This is very exciting.

Molly said...

No foolin'? Such a small world, comparatively speaking. Except that I am hours away from Santa Barbara, and you are rather more hours away from it. So it isn't that small, really. But it is good sauce, indeedy, yes.