Thursday, October 15, 2009

Now in Full Color. . .

And what, pray tell, do the pictures in this hodge-podge have in common with each other? They were all taken in northern California, and they are, for a bit of a change, not in black and white; in fact, the colors are the point of this lot.

First, some classic planes from the Capitol City Airshow. And this, boys and girls, is the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a little foggy, so there was nothing to distract from the bright cables--as long as they could be seen at all.
This is the bridge from a thoughtful distance. I quite liked this picture and was disappointed that it came out a bit on the fuzzy side. The red roofs and the orange-red bridge were a bit more obvious in real life. That whisp of white off to the right of the bridge's foundation is a sailboat. I edited the contrast in this picture a wee bit; it was from the set I took at the Hyde Street dock, also in San Francisco, and it was too close to noon for taking good pictures, especially of bright yellow boats. But I couldn't pass it up, I've been intrigued by feluccas ever since I saw that one at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last year.
Further inland, and more muted, here is the inside of the dome at the State Capitol in downtown Sacramento.

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