Thursday, October 15, 2009


I said I'd try to dig up a translation of Golagros and Gawain to match the Middle Scots version I mentioned last week. Well, no luck on that, but if you can get your hands on The Knightly Tales of Sir Gawain, with translations by Louis B. Hall, there's a decent prose rendition in that. Some of the more flowery passages are considerably paraphrased, but it does follow the poem reasonably well.
Re: yesterday's post, it wasn't Bobby Hicks who wrote "Cheyenne." It was Bill Monroe. Yes, the Bill Monroe.
I mention the Gaelic singer James Graham every once in a while (here, f'r instance), but I think I've neglected to mention his website so far.. He has a few short clips from his albums up there; this is an excellent chance to get a taste of one of his very best pieces, a cover of Capercaillie's "Breisleach".

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