Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Views

Here are a few shots from the last couple of weeks, all from Sacramento and the environs.
First off, a shot from inside the State Capitol, on the third floor, just because I liked the lights, and the clock (which didn't show up so well) and the arches. Historically, it is likely of little note; it is the view from just outside the bathrooms.
A comfortable shot looking up to the second and third landings in the capitol.
And a very uncomfortable shot, looking down from the third floor. That checkered bit to the left of the centre is the ground floor. It isn't all that far, as heights go, but it is the one thing about the capitol which has impressed me from an early age. Artistically, I have always loved the view. Altitude-wise. . .let's all move along now, eh?
The motor and prop of a biplane, from the Capitol City Airshow.
And the tail of a much larger plane. . .
Which has propellers like this:
Sunset shadows on the side of a Rite-Aid somewhere downtown.


lucas said...

Brilliant photos Molly...well done!!!

Molly said...

Why, thanks, Lucas! I see it as kind of a sneaky way to get pictures while making yourself feel like an "artist" instead of a tourist :-)