Thursday, September 24, 2009

Old Things of Great Beauty

My email service thinks it is being kind in offering me the latest headlines whenever I sign out of my inbox. I'll hand it to them tonight--for once in a million years (or at least since the squid tried to invade San Diego a couple of months ago) there really is something new and wonderful to read about. Well, okay, wonderful, yes, new, not so much. The Staffordshire Hoard is a recently uncovered archaeological find dating from the 8th century or thereabouts. They are saying it is bigger and better than the famous Sutton Hoo treasure that most of us lucky young things met as photos in our high school literature books, punctuating excerpts from Beowulf. So much surfaced in this single dig that predictions are flying that it will considerably influence Anglo Saxon studies, perhaps even rewrite them, to an extent.

(The website above is nicely set up and very extensive and, yes, it includes pictures--oh! such pictures!)

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