Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fine Fiddling

Take a moment and go over to listen to Bruce MacGregor. He is, as you may have already acertained, the MacGregor of MacGregor, Brechin and O hEadhra, who I mentioned last week. More of an emphasis on slower, mellower tunes here than what I've run across lately--very nice indeed, but it makes picking a slow air of the week difficult. (If you forced me into it, I might say that "Nameless Clan" is it.)
And here is a video that has been knocking about in my computer for a month or so, something I found on Comhaltas' YouTube channel. It is the reel "Farewell to Ireland," played by Aidan O'Neill. I stand (or sit, rather) in much awe of the fluidity of Irish bowing. Here is a lot of it:

And, speaking of fluid bowing, Jamie McClennan just came out with a solo album. I saw this video some time ago and had a little trouble trying to figure out exactly where he hails from. He plays with Emily Smith (Scots singer), very smooth, Irishy bowing, or is that smooth, bluegrassy bowing?

Anyway, come to find out, he's from New Zealand!

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