Thursday, August 13, 2009

This Just In. . .

Glasgow, in the week leading up to the World's, hosts a festival called Piping Live! (The exclamation point is theirs, not mine--not that I don't find the notion pretty exciting). Among the many concerts and competitions on the schedule is a quartet competition sponsored by R.T. Shepherd, which was held on Tuesday this week. I had never heard of it until yesterday when I ran across the winners, ScottishPower. What really got me here--they use the second variation of "Lament for Mary MacLeod" as their slow air--a unique, and effective, application for a piobaireachd.

And I'm sure glad I wasn't judging! Here's SFU's set, the one with "Braes of Lochiel." I posted a full-band version a few months back, but that tight, 4-piper sound gives it yet another flavour.

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