Sunday, August 9, 2009

Harp Song of the Dane Women

What is a woman that you forsake her,
And the hearth-fire and the home-acre.
To go with the old grey Widow-maker?

She has no house to lay a guest in
But one chill bed for all to rest in,
That the pale suns and the stray bergs nest in.

She has no strong white arms to fold you,
But the ten-times-fingering weed to hold you
Out on the rocks where the tide has rolled you.

Here is a rather interesting piece I stumbled across. Evidently, somebody has written a tune for Rudyard Kipling's "Harp Song of the Dane Women." Here it is, performed by the German singer/harper Nadia Birkenstock. The tune does quite a bit towards making it. . .well, even creepier than it was originally, but by the same token, more beautiful.

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