Friday, July 10, 2009

Short and Sweet

I went to my grandma's for dinner the other night, and had, needless to say, a most enjoyable time. The conversation was a kick, but you had to be there to appreciate it, so I will confine my report here to dessert. We had a flourless chocolate cake from Trader Joe's, and a family friend brought a carton of port sorbet. Yes, port, as in wine, and sorbet as in frozen. That chocolate cake is insanely good as it is, thick and rich (don't let the "flourless" label put you off--it's actually a virtue, as it leaves more room for the chocolate) but add the flavour of port and. . .wow! It's worth a blog post, anyway!


Elizabeth in Alaska said...

Oh, my, my mouth is watering. That sounds like my kind of dessert!

Molly said...

And it gets better. . .I went back this evening and there were still leftovers! :-p