Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Local Talent

I forgot to mention, the very first thing I saw when I got to the Dunsmuir Games on Saturday was the band Banshee in the Kitchen, an Irish-oriented trio from Bakersfield. I have run into them on and off over the years at games and Burns suppers, but at games I'm usually scheduled to do something besides stand around and listen, so it was nice to have a moment to take in a few tunes. I don't think this video does the fiddler proper justice in conveying her tone, which is exceptionally sweet, but it gives you some idea of the band's style with "Farewell to Milltown," "Pigeon on the Gate," and "Providence Reel":

And here's one more neat set, O'Carolan's "Planxty Drew," into the smashin' modern reel "Catharsis."

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