Thursday, July 2, 2009

From the Archives

I still haven't posted the pictures I took of Carmel Mission last July, so here they are, starting with a view of the famous chapel window. I took a few pictures inside the chapel, but I never did get the lighting sorted out. I saw an experienced photographer (judging from the camera, and the way she handled it) setting up this shot, and had to try it for myself afterwards. I could rest my hand on the back of the pew and hold the camera fairly steady, but in the long run I had to use the flash, and glass is unforgiving in that respect.
This is the outside of the chapel, facing the graveyard. The cracks in the mortar were full of flowers.
This is from the other side of the chapel, about noon, judging from that sky!
Things certainly grow well around there. You could hardly get a shot without some sort of plant in it, even if you wanted to!


Elizabeth in Alaska said...

Beautiful, Molly!

Molly said...

It was hard to confine ourselves to just a couple of hours. Even when we had, more or less seen it all, it felt like it would be worthwhile going back and starting over again.