Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Inevitable Slow Air

Yes, yes, I do have a thing for slow airs. Here's the second one this week already, but this is such a lovely arrangement I couldn't wait to post it. The musician (really, there is only one of him) is a gentleman from Israel named Ofer Levinger. The tune is Duncan Johnstone's "Farewell to Nigg". (I had the story of the tune in one of my books which is now in Carmichael, but I think it was written to commemorate the launching of an oil rig that was built at Nigg, in Scotland.)

Anyway, being fairly new (?) to the finer points of blogging and all, I'm always a little confused on whether everything on YouTube is up for grabs. I figure, if it was taped at a show, then it's already public anyway, but this being solo and all, I thought I'd double-check with Mr. Levinger himself before posting it. His words: "I post these videos to make other people happy as I am when I listen to these tunes."

If that is so, I think perhaps we are a little luckier than Mr. Levinger--I'm willing to bet that no matter how good the tune sounded the first time he heard it, it was not so rich as what we are treated to here:

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