Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Approach to Piobaireachd

Here is a link to the MySpace page of a piper named John Mulhearn. A very talented fellow, and very much inclined to experiment. For myself, well, electronic music--even electronic bagpipes--are just not my thing, but even I have had to listen to Track 2 (The Desperate Battle) twice as I write this. This one is a piobaireachd, and largely features the singing of the great Allan MacDonald. One thing I find very interesting about this type of arrangement is the option of changing chords in the background, emphasizing different nuances of a tune which you don't always pick up listening to a solo piper. If you're wondering about the noises that sound like birds flapping about. . .they are. The tune is also sometimes called, "The Desperate Battle of the Birds." Be sure and listen through to the end where Mr. MacDonald returns to the first line of the ground and sings it solo.

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