Friday, May 1, 2009

Local History

Some years ago, the city of Tehachapi decided to beautify downtown by means of murals. I have heard somewhat divided opinions on that. Some find it beautiful, others declare that pictures do not belong on the sides of buildings. Personally, I like it, as long as they're informative, as is this one, on the side of Kasagiri, the Japanese restaurant, which not only gives you a fair picture of a quintessential Tehachapi landscape, but an interesting biography of an old-time cowboy. Sorry for the somewhat stripey quality of the picture; it wasn't the best time of day to be shooting, but as the mural is often obscured by a parked car or two, I thought I'd take what I could get. Here is the biographical part, a bit more readable. The brand at the bottom left is Tejon Ranch, so I assume the one at the right must be Bud Cummings'.

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