Saturday, April 18, 2009


Posts here occasionally contain a tag for "piobaireachd," which can be a little cryptic, if you are not familiar with the style. To answer any questions, here is a nice, basic article in PDF format, by P/M Brett Tidswell in Australia.
If you think you'd like to have a listen to a piobaireachd, an accessible, though not exactly traditional place to start is "Andrew MacNeill of Colonsay" on SFU's Down Under album. (By coincidence, recorded in Australia). You can sample a wee bit of it here: Track 4 offers the end of the first variation, and the beginning of the second, but you will gather you need to hear the whole thing to get the full effect (iTunes does have it. I checked). Piobaireachd is a very solo style, so the band treatment with the harmonies and all is a bit out of the ordinary, but quite lovely to listen to. Adding to the interest, instead of playing the ground at the beginning of the tune, the band sings canntaireachd.
The Captain's Corner has quite the selection of piobaireachds (and light music as well), recorded at professional competitions. If you scroll down to the Winter Storm 2009 entry, you might start with "The Piper's Warning to His Master" and "A Flame of Wrath". If you decide this sort of thing is to your liking, by all means scroll back up to the top of the page and listen to Willie McCallum's rendition of "Lament for the Children" in the Metro Cup 2009 article.

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