Monday, April 20, 2009

Clouds, Again

Here is a round of pictures taken the day after the last batch that featured clouds (that is, on the 8th). So this is the same storm (considerably calmed) looking north from the outskirts of California City. Those blue mountains are none other than the Sierra Nevada. I was quite intrigued by the feathery clouds and, when I came home, fooled around on the computer to try and find a setting that would accentuate their shape. Black and white didn't help on that count, but it did offer an interesting change of pace. Bleak is the word, I believe.
On quite the other end of the spectrum, I fooled with the saturation settings, and liked the colors so well, that I saved that experiment too. You're probably saying, "Nothing could be that color in real life," and you are right. However, that faint yellow sheen towards the middle of the photo is real, if a bit exaggerated. There was a low carpet of tiny yellow flowers spreading across most of the desert between the Highway 58 exit and Cal. City.

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