Sunday, March 29, 2009

Squid, Again.

I was looking for information on squid to link to when I was sidetracked by the Build-a-Squid a few days back. I'll have another try here at serious teuthology. . .Very serious. For example, if you click on the last picture in the gallery here, you get a prime example of a googly-eyed glass squid. That really is what they call it! I have yet to find assurance that anyone can discuss it with a properly straight face.
I myself have never taken a good picture of a squid, so here is the closest thing I can offer:
That is a relief map (from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, of course) of Monterey Bay. Under the water, there is a canyon comparable to the Grand Canyon, and you betcha there's some creatures way down there. Like the Vampire Squid from Hell--now there's a serious name! As a matter of fact, the creature itself is quite diminuitive, and the only thing that might warrant a "vampire" label is the webbing between its arms, which has the effect of a darkly mysterious cloak.

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