Monday, February 9, 2009


So. The wind brought the rain, and the rain slowly turned to snow. The "Welcome to Tehachapi" signs out on 58 advertise us as "Land of the Four Seasons," and a rather exaggerated local claim is that we have been known to get them all in one day. That is, I repeat, exaggerated, but it certainly has been a week for varied weather!This morning, when I had finally persuaded myself that dragging myself out of my nice, warm bed would not result in a scene out of Jack London's "To Build a Fire", I found that the backyard looked quite charming.
I took a few pictures around the ten-foot yard, and then, feeling the need to thaw, came in and tried this shot. Although the lighting in my house is not famous for being perfect; the darkness in the picture is a result of the window's backlighting fooling with the camera. I may occasionally refer to my house as a "lair", even so, the photo is highly inaccurate.

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