Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Second Shot (etc.) Part 2

As the rainbow became more visible, it stretched into a full arch. The eastern end was a bit fainter than the end I was watching, and I was in too close to attempt a full-length shot (my camera does have a "stitch together" feature for panoramic shots--I need to learn to use it!) I think this one is my favorite:
One thing that doesn't show up at all in this pictures; there was a herd of Angus-type cattle in that field. In fact, there are probably a few of them in the end of the rainbow here:
The sun still had some life in it, I think, but the clouds moved up over it, and the rainbow began to fade away again. About then, the cloud-feathers reached the place I was standing; I put the camera away and enjoyed something that no picture can convey: the feel of rain on my face.

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