Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Second Shot (and then some)

As you know if you live in these parts, rain is a comparatively rare and wonderful occurrence. Whether that warrants chasing after rain clouds or not might be a matter open to debate, but when I was driving home from the grocery store yesterday, the rain feathering over the mountains looked most enticing. I drove out to the empty lot where I practice sometimes and took a few pictures. The sun was creeping momentarily below the clouds (it was about 5:00) so the front lighting was an interesting contrast with the wavering silhouettes of the mountains.
While I stood snapping away, a the sun began to coax a rainbow out of the downpour. It wasn't all that bright to begin with, and it suffers a bit in its transfer to film (or bits, as the case may be), but if you use your imagination, that's it starting over in the left corner of the picture below.
The sun kept falling, and the rain kept moving in closer; the arch lengthened, and its colors grew more vibrant:

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