Saturday, February 21, 2009

Julie Fowlis and Bagad Kemper

This video is something different. The piece (actually two songs Hùg air a’ Bhonaid Mhòir/Da Thàibh air an Fharaidh) is the first set from Julie Fowlis' CD Cuilidh, which I can't recommend highly enough. This arrangement, however, differs from that on the CD in that here she is singing with a bagad (Bagad Kemper). A bagad is a Breton bagpipe band which, in its natural state, is quite a bit different from a pipe band of the Scottish model; the bombardes, a sort of bagpipe-less chanter, are a feature, as is obvious in the video. Many bagads compete both in their Breton events as well as in Scottish-style competitions (Bagad Cap Caval and Bagad Brieg were in the top five of Grade 2 at the World Pipe Band Championships last year; in fact, Cap Caval took first); when playing in Scottish competitions, they use only the pipes and drums, no bombardes.

Note: You can probably guess it, but this isn't my video. It belongs to a person on YouTube with the name "smartotrams"

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