Friday, February 6, 2009

Another Weather Report

The rain came in on the tail of the generous wind yesterday, falling in the form of "occasional showers" through the afternoon . I woke this morning to a grey sky between the cracks in the blinds, and the promise was fulfilled as the day unfolded; the rain was much steadier today. I mostly missed a rather nice photo opportunity this afternoon, when a full rainbow arched across the east, just at sunset. I spent too many valuable moments hunting for just the right place to get a picture without too many wires in the foreground; by the time I settled for the high school parking lot, the light was fading fast, and I didn't manage to get the full arch.
I would feel much more accomplished if I could say that the fuzziness in the picture above is just rain--it was, in the Irish turn of phrase, a soft day--but it is actually a faulty exposure. It was, however, the only one I got that conveys any idea of the golden air, so there it is.
Though the rainbow was an extraordinary distraction, off to the west the sunset was also spectacular. J.R.R. Tolkien had a word in his Quenya language, lauriƫ, to mean a golden light. It is the perfect definition for the luminous color the clouds became as they soaked up the last drops of liquid sunlight. As I was finishing up the last few shots, a group of cheerfully rowdy students came out in search of their cars. One paused to say in a serious tone of voice, "Nice sunset." I thought in my aged twenty-something way, the kids of today. . .just might turn out right.

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