Tuesday, February 24, 2009

. . .And it Gets Better!

As a matter of fact, the article about Mary Ann Kennedy and Na Seòid hasn't been published yet as I write this, but. . .

Several members of the group I wrote about yesterday, as you might have discovered, have their own solo pages too, so here they are:
  • Norrie MacIver--He has some songs up in English as well as in Gaelic.
  • Griogair Lawrie--If I read aright, he is a piper with Na Seòid, but here he sings.
  • Mary Ann Kennedy--It is pretty hard to beat "Sios Dhan an Abhainn" for gorgeous simplicity, but this page also has a little video of some puirt-à-beul, with James Graham singing along. For those who are interested, the gentleman on the smallpipes in the background is Allan MacDonald.
  • Calum Alex Macmillan--Although most of these people play regularly with other bands, for today I was trying to keep the focus on the group I started by talking about. Still, I can't help but mention Calum Alex's band, Daimh; it is very hard to ignore, even momentarily, an ensemble that bills themselves: "Over 36 feet tall and weighing 1/2 a ton." Anyway, the pipe and fiddle combinations are sweet!
  • Gillebride MacMillan--Mighty easy on the ears. "Ùrnaigh Naomh Francis" is "St. Francis' Prayer".

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