Friday, October 31, 2008

Water, water everywhere!

What can be more delightful than to speak the phrase: "It rained!"?
Well, rain it did, first thing this morning, and the day remained cloudy, even threatening to rain again as the trick-or-treaters began their yearly pillaging. The best part of the downpour was the smell; I drove home after dark with the car windows just barely cracked open, for the night was rather chilly. Before long, I had to roll the windows down further, just to get more of the damp air. I wish I could transport the smell of a good rain in Tehachapi and post it like a picture so you all would know exactly what I'm talking about, but that failing, I can only say, it is an awake sort of smell, as something that had drowsed away a long, hot summer was again alert and tense for action. I think it is mostly the tang of rabbit bushes, which can only be described as a very vaguely piney scent, but wilder, if such a thing is possible. There is also a strong, woody tinge of oak, and of last year's grass, that dried early in the spring, and dust slipping off the pavement at last--all in all, it is a thankful sort of smell.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! We got rain yesterday too. In fact, we are still getting it today, and it smells just as good here as it does there, what with the pine and the sharpy, minty smell of the sage brush, and a bitter hint of aspen all blending together. I have really enjoyed your posts over the last month or so (I'm just bad about commenting). They have been a lot of fun.