Sunday, October 26, 2008

If it ain't broke. . .

Well, I fixed it anyway. I hadn't really thought through the original blog title, as far as checking to see if anybody was using anything similar. . .turns out, there is "The Piper's Cave," an online piping supply store that has been there much longer than this manifestation, and it really did seem presumptuous to take a title with only an article's difference. . .especially when there is so little to do with piping that has been sifting through, from the very moment of this blog's initiation.

So, I have resorted to Chesterton, who was a man of many original phrases; the new blog title comes from the quote at the top of the page which, in turn, appears in the novel "The Napoleon of Notting Hill." If I keep on here long enough we may, at any rate, get to see the thousandth bug, eh?

[Edit: October 27: Weeeel, it seems that despite thorough (?) searching, I missed an existing "The Thousandth Time". . .and a blog, at that! But temporarily, anyway, I shall leave both the address and the title as they stand. Suggestions for a permanent title would be greatly welcomed.]

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