Monday, March 3, 2008

The Time Jumpers

I know I must be getting old because I grouch at the smallest provocation. Music, in general, I find to be a rather large provocation. You turn on the radio and get the same half a dozen songs, sung by the same half a dozen singers, with the same half dozen licks in the background. Music is surprisingly un-musical, and I'm not talking about the obvious offenders, such as rap. I usually have to turn off the country station because it is hazardous to my health: I could be bored to death.

It was water in the desert, therefore, to be loaned a video of a Western Swing band called The Time Jumpers. Wow! Their songs may not be deeper than the average country song, but they are a gazillion times more enjoyable to listen to. They put a very strong emphasis on musicianship; their pieces are probably twice as long as anything on the radio because they allow time for a solo by the musicians--maybe several solos. It's not just a semblance of music out there to turn a dollar--it's genuine music, and lots of it!

Well, listen for yourself!* (The website starts playing automatically, so be sure your volume isn't up full blast!)

*Short for--"I would probably rave about these guys all night, but my computer is running out of batteries".

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